Our retirement home in Pensacola

Except for the picture at the bottom right, these pictures were taken with my cell-phone and quality is not very good, but it'll do.  We bought
the home from my Mom after my Dad passed away.  She lived with my sister Gail for a few years then with Christine and me until her passing in 2009.

Tiki Bar.jpg (1372401 bytes) The Tiki Bar.  We built it out of bamboo, treated lumber, teak (countertops), and palm leaves (thatched roof).  Christine is working on the thatching of the roof.  We replaced this with flame-retardant thatch.  We always have something burning off the patio... grills, tiki torches, chimnea, etc. and do not want the house to go up in flames. 
2010-07-25 09.57.17.jpg (1299619 bytes) This is the rear of the house.  Tiki Bar next to (to the right of) the chimney.  The azaleas are due for a trimming as August approaches.  Update: The azaleas have been removed to make room for an herb garden.
2010-07-25 09.58.10.jpg (1308632 bytes) This is the street-side view.  My dad planted that oak tree about 30 years ago.
dsc_6956.jpg (3299893 bytes) This is the view from our back porch.  In the distance, the 17th green is off to the right and the 18th tee is on the left.  Panoramic photo (5 megs)